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Counting IP’s on system logs with Python

This is an example script on how to count IP’s on any log. This should be run like : python /path/to/log and the output will be like: IP: – COUNT: 63 IP: – COUNT: 54 IP: … Continue reading

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Apache cookie authentication

There’s a module that let’s you authenticate via any auth method (basic auth, ldap, etc…) to specific locations, you can also set an expiration time on the cookie, so when the time expire the user will be redirected to the … Continue reading

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Percona XtraDB Cluster in Docker Swarm.

I have the next scenario where I needed to setup a MySQL Percona XtraDB Cluster on containers on 3 different servers.

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Proxmox 3, starting worker failed: Unable to parse worker upid error

This is a bug in Proxmox 3, when you have a high uptime, usually more than 365 days, and you want to initiate an instance (VM), you get the error:

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