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Installing ModSecurity with Nginx and OWASP CRS on Debian Stretch

First we have to install all dependencies including ModSecurity and Nginx. It’s recommended to install Nginx from the stable branch of the official repositories, this way you can update nginx without compiling it everytime however we’ll need to compile the … Continue reading

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Docker save, load, import, export, commit.

When I came across with the command docker export/import I was really confused as of what is it for. I usually just save my images with docker save. The documentation just says docker-export – Export a container’s filesystem as a … Continue reading

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Incorrect definition of table mysql.proc

I recently upgraded my server from Debian 8 to Debian 9, I also upgraded MySQL5.5 (Percona)  to MariaDB 10, everything seemed fine until I noticed the database was down, and i just couldn’t bring it up, it just kept dying, … Continue reading

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Installing HaProxy in Debian 8

there’s a package in debian 8 repository however it’s not the newest version (1.5), so in order to have the most recent release (1.6.5) we are going to compile it from source. You can download it from the official page … Continue reading

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Renaming bulk files with patterns and spaces on MacOSX El Capitan

I had a long list of video files with certain pattern on the name that I needed to remove, all the files had spaces on the name, so I used sed to work around this.

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