Renaming bulk files with patterns and spaces on MacOSX El Capitan

I had a long list of video files with certain pattern on the name that I needed to remove, all the files had spaces on the name, so I used sed to work around this.

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Change Moodle admin password from the database

It’s quite straight forward to change the password from the database, although it changes a little depending on the Moodle version, version 2.5 and older use a different salting method, the salt can be found on the config.php file.

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PHP Warning: mysql_connect(): client does not support authentication protocol

If you are working with a newer version of MySQL and an older version of PHP, you might encounter this error, when you try to establish the connection:

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Proxmox no sync and ERROR 500 can’t connect to

If you have a more than one Proxmox server there’s a chance you also have them on a cluster. If you restart the servers, or move the configuration or the VM there’s a chance ┬áthat some slaves if not all are gonna be in a state of “nosync“, usually the machines sync every 3 minutes, but if this is not happening you can do it manually;

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Change WordPress URL

There are several ways to change an URL on a WordPress site, I find it easier if there’s access to the database.

First change the URL under settings -> general screen.

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